Punjab assembly elections are just a few weeks away on February 4, 2017. This time, the elections are historic in the sense that there is a major rising third front – Aam Adam Party (AAP), in addition to the two other major parties: Congress and SAD/BJP alliance. While I personally do not have any affiliation with any one party, I strongly urge the Punjabi’s to not on February 4th and choose a party and candidate based on the past performance and what are their plans (election manifestos) if they come in power. I tried to search for published manifestos from each of these three major parties and found 3 manifestos from AAP and one from Congress. I could not find anything from SAD or BJP. I am uploading the manifestoes on my site, unchanged, and with disclaimer that I found the files during Google search.

The election manifesto is a promise by the party to do certain things what they if they come to power. In the past, the clever parties have often kept the manifestoes very vague and didn’t bother to take any action until the next election year was approaching. Even now, there is not guarantee that they will do all the things they promise to do. However, the quality of manifestoes is certainly better now, especially for AAP. The AAP has published three different manifestoes for the Youth, the Farmers and Dalits, with very specific action points. Some of the action points seem impossible to achieve but even if they do half of the things they claim to do, it will be great for the Punjab.

So once again, please read the manifestoes, do your research, question the candidates, check with media and vote on Feb 4th to bring Punjab on a path of progress!


AAP Youth Manifesto:


AAP Farmers Manifesto:


AAP Dalit Manifesto:


Congress Party Manifesto:


Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) Manifesto:


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Manifesto: