I will not describe the problem of global warming, dying sun, or rapidly rising greenhouse gases.  Some people believe that is happening and others do not want to believe it yet.  However, regardless of our belief and opinions, we can make a difference in reducing the wastage, greenhouse gases, and saving our money and improve health at the same time.

Here are the things that I do:

  • Keep the thermostat a little cooler in winter and a little warmer in summer. Try to keep it off on nice days during spring and fall.  I keep at 66 during winter and 78 during summer, and some variation between these two during spring and fall.  Keeping the temp in line with the outside weather has some health benefits since your body does not have to switch between extreme temperatures when go in and out of the home.  Also, not running and heating or AC maintains humidity in indoor air which is good for health.
  • Buy a programmable thermostat. Set different temperatures during various times of the day.  For example, I lower the temp. to 64 at night during winter and increase it to 68 during the day time.  Also, I turnoff the heating/cooling when we are not in the home (the belief that turning off the heating/cooling actually increases your energy bill is just a myth, except for some homes with Heat Pump systems.)
  • Turn-off car engine/AC/heating when you don’t need it. Any time, I need to stop for more than a minute, I turn off the car engine, except in extremely hot/cold conditions.
  • Keep your car’s types inflated to maximum pressure recommended by car manufactures, but never to exceed the max. written on the tires. I normally keep it at 4 psi more than what is recommended by car, it increases fuel efficiency up to 10%.
  • Drive the car smoothly. Reducing the use the unnecessary brakes and accelerations also increases fuel efficiency, and thus reduces pollutants.
  • Plant as many trees, as possible.
  • Water the lawn no more than twice a week, but water it thoroughly (if it rains during the week, then don’t water at all). This saves water, money, and is actually better for the grass as it help to develop deeper roots.