When you see someone the first time

You feel you know her

When she speaks to you the first time

You feel she is singing

When she laughs with you the first time

You hear it’s raining in the desert

When she touches you the first time

You feel the rush of blood in your heart

You sit there wondering

How do I express these feelings

One moment I feel tortured

Yet another comes as euphoric

A painter may create a masterpiece

A writer may write a poem

A singer may sing a melody

A musician may compose a song

But I am none of them

Tortured of being unable to express

Gems are the shared moments

I know we may never meet again

I always make it hard for me

However easy this may be

Yes, I love this torture

And want to save until the last day

Caught in the web of feelings and expressions

I often talk to myself

Some feelings can never be expressed

Just let them flow

They can take on any color

With sensitivities of a carnation

Whether it’s morally right or wrong

For me, it is beyond the sin or salvation

  • Davinder, 3/20/17