I have watched these flowers every day

Admired them in my short stay

Not sure if it was the beginning

Or the end of the season

Some days more fragrant than others

Some days more beautiful than others

They always bloomed

Ready to embrace love

To see them bloom

My last day has come 

To listen to their voices 

And to talk to them

Just watching them smile

I sit there in silence 

For I am inarticulate

Saying is irreverent

My heart remains empty

Don’t feel the sadness of leaving

Or is it full of happiness

For the time spent together

Next moment, I get sad 

I may never see them again

But wasn’t this enough

That I saw them in full bloom!

  • Davinder, 3/24/17 (for the team of 10 strangers who came from different countries to Indore to do volunteer work and became best friends within days)